• Year Levels 7–10
  • Curriculum NSW
  • Subject Humanities
  • Resource Formats Print, Digital
  • Learning Focus History

What it is

Pearson History 7–10 NSW comprehensively satisfies Stages 4 and 5 of the NSW curriculum and combines:

  • Student Books featuring unique activities across stages and year levels
  • Activity Books catering for a variety of learning styles
  • Teacher Companions that include teaching tips and learning strategies.

How it helps


Accessibility-minded content: Ensure learner-friendliness of complex information with content designed to be consistently clear and concise.

Support for different learners: Set activities for homework or as extension exercises for learners who quickly finish their assigned work.

Materials designed to captivate: Spark learners’ curiosity and motivation with relevant, comprehensive, and engaging content.


Designed by NSW educators for NSW educators: Rely on a series developed, reviewed, and tested by more than twenty practising New South Wales educators.

Thorough curriculum coverage: Implement material that covers every requirement of the New South Wales syllabus for the Australian Curriculum: History.

Extensive teaching guidance: Teach the way you want with educator support that includes things like chapter guides, strategy ideas, and class activity ideas.

What it includes

Discover how Pearson History NSW improves teaching outcomes.


Student Books

Images for Pearson History NSW Student Books

Pearson History New South Wales is fully aligned to the NSW History syllabus and comprehensively supports teaching in Stage 4 and Stage 5. Organised to suit all learners’ ability levels, it includes:

  • clear language
  • appealing visuals
  • informative tables
  • maps and timelines.


Student Activity Books

Images for Pearson History NSW Activity Books

Student activity books further develop learners’ historical skills with:

  • engaging activities they can complete in class or at home
  • a range of activities including map work, timelines, and evidence-based activities and questions
  • literacy-based activities and questions.


Student eBooks

The student eBook enhances and extends the reading experience by integrating multimedia and interactive activities with Reader+. This helps learners:

  • quickly navigate through their activity and student books
  • take notes as they read
  • flag important sections by saving bookmarks.

The eBooks also ensures content is available at home and the classroom by working:

  • both online and offline
  • across PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.


Teacher materials

The teacher companion includes:

  • strategies for teaching key concepts and terms for each unit
  • resource links
  • extension activities and answers.

It also simplifies teaching and tracking the syllabus lesson by lesson by providing:

  • comprehensive guidance with correlation grids to the syllabus
  • direct links to the syllabus included in the teacher support within the student book.


Customised classroom resources

Optionally tailor Pearson History New South Wales to your needs by creating customised student books. Available options include:

  • student books
  • activity books
  • teacher companions
  • eBooks

Please note: Pearson History Reader+ must be purchased separately for $5.00 per eBook. To build your personalised resource, please contact your Education Sales Consultant.

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