Backpack Digital

Backpack Digital is the easy jump into Interactive Whiteboard technology that anyone can use. It is an interactive version of the bestselling Backpack course which enhances your use of the students' book.

Backpack Digital is a powerful tool that provides new and simple ways to present and practice grammar, skills work, pronunciation, vocabulary and videos from Elementary through to Upper-Intermediate. It makes classroom management easier and encourages more varied and effective feedback.

Designed using the same tried and trusted methodology of Backpack, your move to the interactive whiteboard with Backpack Digital will be instinctive. It's that simple.

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backpack digital

Why use Backpack Digital?

The perfect starting point

Backpack Digital is based on the tried and trusted, familiar methodology of Backpack providing you with the perfect classroom tool to truly take your teaching into the digital age.

Helpful and supportive

The comprehensive printed Teachers’ Guide is complemented by extra notes that are accessible through Backpack Digital software.

Focus student attention

The heads-up approach means students focus together on the class theme. Giving instructions with visual support from the board helps save time as students quickly find the right place in their books. The students focus on the exact activity/book section on the interactive whiteboard.

Add variety

It is a tool that you have at your disposal to change the pace and focus of the class as required. It provides new and simple ways to present and practice grammar, skills work, pronunciation, vocabulary and videos. Classroom Management is made easier and feedback is more varied and effective.

Engage your learners

Backpack Digital brings together the benefits of a multiple-intelligence approach to language learning. Some students prefer to listen and absorb, others respond well to pictures, while others respond well to physical interaction. Backpack Digital supports users with all these preferences through its rich multi-media content, audio-visual content and flipcharts involving a range of simple interactions, such as drag and drop, erase or write-in.

Convenient & time-saving

The student’s book, listening activities and texts, videos, language summaries and specially designed, interactive activities [flip chart] can all be displayed on the board. It is a ‘one-stop-shop’ - all your teaching resources available at the touch of a screen. You don’t have to cue tapes ever again. You can even select any sentence from any listening and play it to the class by simply touching the screen.