Education Access and Equity

It is important to state, unambiguously, how important the values of diversity, freedom and access to opportunity are to Pearson and the education community we serve worldwide.

There is huge demand for better education around the world. Currently, 250 million children are in elementary school but not learning. 750 million adults are illiterate, including in developed countries. Nearly 500 million young people and adults are out of work. Meanwhile, 40% of employers are unable to find qualified candidates to fill open positions.

If this were health or hunger, rather than education, the world would be talking about an urgent humanitarian crisis. There is a moral imperative to improve the quality and quantity of education options around the world and these challenges demand action.

Improving access to education worldwide is why we have aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and regularly invest one billion dollars a year in product development. It’s also why we have accelerated our shift to digital education services and products and have expanded our presence in the world’s fast-growing economies.