• Year Levels 7–10
  • Curriculum NSW
  • Subject Humanities
  • Resource Formats Print, Digital
  • Learning Focus Geography

What it is

Pearson Geography NSW was built from the ground up to help you prepare for and teach geography to Stage 4 and 5 secondary students. It combines:

  • Student Books featuring unique fieldwork tasks across stages and year levels
  • write-in Activity Books catering for a variety of learning styles
  • Teacher Companions including teaching tips and learning strategies.

How it helps





What it includes

Discover how Pearson Geography NSW improves teaching outcomes.


Student Books

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Pearson Geography New South Wales is fully aligned to the NSW Geography syllabus and supports teaching in Stage 4 and Stage 5. It features:

  • selectable fieldwork tasks available at each stage
  • integrated geographical skill teaching
  • units focused on teaching key skills
  • a choice of topics available at Year 7 Unit 1: Landscapes and Landforms and Year 10 Unit 1: Environmental Management and Change.

NSW curriculum authors: The Pearson Geography New South Wales author team includes:

  • Grant Kleeman: Chair of the Australian Geography Teachers’ Association
  • Helen Rhodes: experienced geography teacher and author
  • David Hamper: experienced geography teacher and author
  • Susan Caldis: President of the Geography Teachers Association of NSW.


Activity Books

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Adaptable to learning styles: Write-in Activity Books cater for a variety of learning styles, reinforcing and enriching learning initiated in the student book.

Flexible applications: The Activity Book can be independently used by students, in-class, or as a complete homework program.



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Improved interactivity: The student eBook enhances and extend the reading experience by integrating multimedia and interactive activities with Reader+. This help learners:

  • quickly navigate through their eBooks
  • take notes as they read
  • flag important sections by saving bookmarks.

Accessible anywhere: The eBooks ensure content is available anytime, anywhere by working:

  • both online and offline
  • across PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

The access code with your student book gives 15 months access to the eBook from the date of activation.


Teacher Companions

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The Teacher Companion combines:

  • full student book pages
  • a wealth of teacher support
  • content meeting the respective demands of the NSW Curriculum

Streamlined lesson planning: The Teacher Companion makes lesson prep simpler with a collection of:

  • teaching ideas
  • classroom activities
  • curriculum checklists
  • learning strategies
  • answers to the student and activity book questions.

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