Excellence in Higher Education Awards

At Pearson, the brilliance and hard work of faculty members inspire us, and we’re honoring those who are doing the most for their students, their schools, and higher education as a whole.
The nomination window is now closed - thank you to all who nominated! Please stay tuned for finalists to be announced in February.

Awards Categories

Championing Student Success

Honors faculty who have increased retention and driven student outcomes in grades, pass/fail rates, and graduation numbers.

Transformational Thought Leadership

Recognizes faculty who share their best practices for the betterment of all faculty and inspire others to embrace ideas that further the field of education on their campus and beyond.

Trailblazing Innovation

Celebrates faculty who are recognized among their peers as educational innovators, capable of pushing through the waves of uncertain change to create real advancements for students.

Community Advancement*

Honors faculty who take their expertise beyond the classroom by volunteering, providing community-based learning, conducting research, engaging in educational partnerships, and participating in other efforts that expand knowledge and learning for all.

Exemplary Teaching & Learning

Recognizes faculty who have personalized existing courseware materials to resonate more deeply with their students and use creativity, knowledge, strategy, process, and an attention to behaviors to drive positive student outcomes.

Transforming Student Experiences

Celebrates faculty who recognize that non-traditional methods of learning can deeply engage students and adopt assistive technologies or other modern advances to help students expand their learning experience.

Fostering inclusivity*

Honors faculty who embrace the differences among their student population and listen to other points of view to ensure they create a welcoming classroom environment and include all students in their pedagogical practices.

Digital Pioneer

Recognizes faculty who utilize at least one Pearson digital platform to engage students and provide a personalized learning experience.

*Open to non-Pearson faculty 

“I am incredibly honored to be recognized and happy to continue to use and work with Pearson to help students learn!”

- Christine Minor, 2022 Pearson Excellence in Higher Ed award winner