Managerial Accounting, 1st Edition


“[Managerial accounting] on my campus is known to be the most difficult in the College of Business. This was a straightforward yet unique experience that I really enjoyed (especially for a topic I was not super excited about).”

- Student at California State Polytechnic University at Pomona

“[The simulation] gave an in-depth, real-world example that honestly helped me better understand the steps in cost behavior but also its relevancy in general.”

- Student at University of South Florida

Author Demo Video

Watch author Jennifer Cainas, DBA, walk through this all-digital product.

This turn-key course is designed around a completely digital, interactive and assignable text - which allows students to interact with the data, view video examples, and test themselves with short quizzes, holding students accountable in their studies.

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Author Webinars

Finding your Groove with Digital Tools

Watch author Kelly Pope, PhD, as she discusses her switch to all-digital course materials, including how this move has led to better student outcomes, enhanced classroom engagement, and noticeably improved energy with her students.

Finding your groove
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