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    Three Ways to Have a More Productive Day

    Saige O’Rourke

    As a college student fresh on your own, it’s difficult to learn how to get things done without the structure that high school provided. Since we are all on different class schedules and learning different things, not everything works the same for each student. With the culture shock that college comes with, here are three things I have learned that work for me to be productive throughout my days at the University of Tennessee.

    Start With Breakfast

    I always start my school days with a good breakfast that I can look forward to. I try to keep this item consistent to limit the stress of “what am I going to eat?” This item becomes something I get excited about when I wake up in the morning and provides me with motivation to get out of bed. Usually, I’ll make waffles or drink a protein shake; these are quick items that keep me moving and take little amounts of time to make.

    Tackle Your To-Do List After Class

    I have morning classes, so usually when I have a chance to sit down after class, I plan the rest of my day. In my plan, I will create two different lists detailing what must be completed and what I would like to complete. I do this after class because there isn’t anything I can finish during class that needs to be done throughout the day, so to avoid added stress I wait to create a list. This relieves a lot of my anxiety throughout the day as I cross off things, and it promotes productivity as I know exactly what I need to carry out.

    Get Some Exercise

    Either at the middle or end of my day, I will work out. Working out is so beneficial for your brain and your body. It is a good chance to step away from your computer and the overloading information to spend time with yourself. Any kind of workout is beneficial, but I personally hit the gym for about an hour. Working out makes me extremely productive because I completed work for school and for myself.

    Productivity isn’t based on how much you get done, but how accomplished you feel. You can complete 10 different assignments, but still feel like you didn’t do anything. Making lists, taking breaks, and rewarding yourself with a satisfying meal can help produce these feelings of productivity. Use these actions or brainstorm your own ideas of what you can start to incorporate in your routine. Waking up is an accomplishment, especially in college! Always make an excuse to celebrate!

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    Graduation Gifts: Nurse’s Edition

    Saige O’Rourke

    With a nursing major roommate, I cannot count the number of times I have heard how expensive the profession is. Schooling in itself is a pricey commitment, but that is just the beginning. On a whim, I decided to look further into what a nursing major might enjoy receiving as a graduation gift and how much I should start to save. After talking with my roommate, I can confirm that a new stethoscope, scrubs, badge reels, pens, and a customized zip-up jacket with credentials are all much-needed wants. Although these items might seem either simple, known, or confusing to understand, there is a method to the madness of a Nursing student’s wish-list.

    New Stethoscope

    $350. That is the highest amount paid on a select website for a Littman’s Stethoscope without counting shipping and taxes. With a starting price of $100 for a necessity, I personally would not want to add that to my bank statement straight out of college. This product, however, is used daily by all nurses & nursing students. If you have ever visited a doctor’s office, it is common knowledge of how important these are in their daily practices. Naturally, this would be the perfect starter gift for a fresh out of college nurse.

    New Scrubs

    After a 12-hour shift, the last thing my roommate wants to do is laundry. Scrubs are a nurse’s uniform and working with sick patients for a long period of time daily can cause them to feel disheveled after a long day. Avoiding the inconvenience of either wearing dirty scrubs or losing sleep over a washer cycle, nurses need to fill their closet with multiple sets of scrubs.

    Badge Reels and Pens

    Hospitals are meant to be secure as lives are on the line. Scanning into rooms, departments, and time clocks are a part of the daily routine. To make this process easier, nurses attach badge reels to their identification then attach this to their scrubs; this also makes their uniform feel more personalized and complete in the autonomous field they work in. Alongside this, filling out charts is a valid part of taking care of patients. We can all attest to the annoyance of bad pens and the importance of investing in good ones. Both of these items may seem very simple, but they are very necessary in the daily activities of those in this profession.

    They Need to Dress the Part

    A customized zip-up jacket may seem unnecessary, but would you say the same about a customized lab coat for a doctor? Regardless of the brand of choice, nurses are able to wear jackets or hoodies while on the clock. Sometimes, their badges may be out of sight which makes it important to have another piece of clothing to identify who they are in a hall full of the same color.

    Whether your budget starts at $5 or extends to $400, there is always a gift a new nurse could use. Personally, I will need to start saving now to afford that customized zip-up jacket, but maybe someone else can pitch in for the stethoscope!

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