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  • A man and a woman walking on a city sidewalk in Austin, Texas.

    4 Top Spring Break Destinations

    Peyton Maria

    Spring break is arguably one of the most sacred weeks in the spring semester in the eyes of college students. No matter how many exams you have afterwards, spring break is a week meant to fully relax and have fun with friends. As a freshman, I made the mistake of returning to my hometown for spring break and spent countless hours scrolling through beach posts and BeReals taken in big cities. So, to help others avoid this problem, I have curated a list of the top choices for spring break, as well as activities you don’t want to miss for each location!


    A classic choice for spring break for many is a trip down to the beaches of Florida. If you go to school in the south like I do, this is a hot spot for spring breakers. However, there are many options when it comes to Florida for spring break. Daytona, for example, is a beach where you will find many college students partying from schools across the nation. There is also Main Street pier, which allows for fun and shopping in the midst of sand volleyball games and swimming in the ocean. However, if you’re looking for more of a “Pinterest worthy” Florida break, I would suggest Seaside. A beach where you are destined to find lots of families, but one where you can walk through the cutest beach towns in addition to reading a book on the sand. And if tourism is your key interest, you can never go wrong with Orlando or Miami.


    Home of the Country Music Hall of Fame, you will never be bored on your spring break trip to Nashville. With themed Air BnBs and music bars lining Broadway Street, you can spend a full week exploring through the town, listening to upcoming artists and walking through museums. Make sure you take a trip to the Grand Ole Opry and the Gaylord, the top tourist attractions, but don’t miss out on even the smallest music halls that line downtown Nashville. You never know when the next Taylor Swift will be performing in one of those.


    Although a cruise may seem like a pricier option for spring break, it actually can end up saving you money in the long run. With this all-inclusive experience, you can spend all the required money prior to the trip and focus on relaxing instead of keeping a budget during your week of fun. The greatest thing about cruises are all the different ports you can visit. Your days can be spent exploring Mayan ruins, dogsledding in Alaska, or zip lining through the forests of Honduras. While on the ship, there are so many activities to choose from, such as lounging by the pool, sports activities, trivia, and more. Some ships even have laser tag, go karts, and rock walls. Cruising is by far one of the most relaxing while adventurous choices for your spring break plans.


    The most magical place on earth isn’t just for kids! Although it may seem like a different choice, going to Disney for spring break can be one of the most child-like fun weeks you’ve had in a while. Spend your days riding rides, meeting characters, and walking through the magical parks. Maybe even start reviewing the foods offered at the park for future writing material. End your days with parades, firework shows, churros, and the reminder that sometimes being a kid again with your best friends is the best way you could spend spring break.

    Overall, you cannot go wrong with what you choose for your spring break destination. Set a budget, have a Powerpoint night, and start planning now for a relaxing and fun week with some of your best college friends. Even a day trip to a local city will create memories that will last long beyond your college years.

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  • A young college student visiting an historical area featuring stone statues. She is looking over a stone railing.

    The Travelling World of Little Einsteins – College Student Edition

    Alice Li

    "We're going on a trip on our favorite rocket ship, soaring through the sky." - Little Einsteins

    Many college students today remember the animated series, Little Einsteins. In each episode, four children travel to different parts of the world in their personal rocket ship. College is a time when many students get their first taste of freedom, including traveling with friends for the first time without a chaperone. However, we cannot simply just up and go whenever and wherever we want. For starters, many of us do not have the resources or planning expertise that the Little Einsteins had. And, we most certainly don't have our own rocket to conveniently go places!

    But a little creativity and planning can make student travel more manageable. Here are four tips based on some of my experiences in travelling as a broke college student.

    1. Factor in transportation costs

    When it comes to travelling, two of the most important things to figure out upon determining a location are (1) how to get there and get around and (2) where to stay. Transportation adds up, especially if you plan to drive. You often need to not only pay for gas (think about the rising gas prices!) but also parking.

    Even if you plan to use public transportation, it is just as important to consider location as there are limitations to the time schedule for when bus or rail lines are running. For example, when I went to England, because the bus lines were not running at the time I needed to head out, I ended up walking around two miles just to get to the rail station while carrying all my luggage and carry-ons. Not fun, I tell you, but quite an experience anyway. Overall, if the distance between your housing and chosen visiting destinations are close, you can get to places faster and easier, thus maximizing the time you’ll have to explore.

    2. Consider where to stay and how to get around

    Book housing at least a few months in advance for cost savings. (Yay, price discrimination!) Airbnbs are great for medium-sized parties (3-10 people) and can help save money if your party is willing to cook at least a few meals, as dining out can be costly.

    Look into the safety of the area you are staying in and visiting, as well. Do your research ahead of time as to how to access public transportation and whether you need a certain app to ride the bus/train/etc.

    3. Plan ahead for places to go explore AND eat

    New place. I get it. You want to explore. But you’ll get exhausted if you have TOO much planned on your daily itinerary. Have no more than 3 activities/locations planned, depending on the length of each activity. You’re honestly better off giving yourself more time in one place than less. Also, having less planned allows you flexibility in your schedule. You may discover a place you didn’t really know about when you researched but are interested in, so leaving some room in your schedule gives you the opportunity to explore. Having some dining options in mind ahead of time can prevent frustration when you’re tired and hungry and not sure where to eat.

    4. Take note of any important regulations and customs, especially if you plan to go out of country

    Did you know that chewing gum in Singapore is illegal? Singapore values keeping their city clean and thus has a lot of different fines and regulations. Check out regulations and customs in your destination ahead of time. The last thing you want is to visit another country and suddenly find yourself in trouble with the law enforcement agency.

    Travelling can be stressful and even tiring but it is also very rewarding. So, if you want to go on a trip in the near future, what better time than now to begin planning and thinking about it? Even without the Little Einsteins’ resources, college student travel is within your reach!

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    Spring break on a budget

    Abby Williams

    It’s coming soon, the week you’ve been waiting for – Spring Break. If there’s any big lesson you’ve learned so far in college, it’s that money doesn’t grow on trees. Fortunately, most of your friends are probably in the same boat and you all want to plan a cheap, safe, and fun trip for this coming March. Traveling together and sharing lodging can reduce some of your costs. Here are some ideas for a cost-effective spring break trip, whether you’re looking to ski in the mountains, bum it on the beach, or anything in between. For each activity or destination, you will find cost estimates for housing and things to do in the area.