College Regret: What I Wish I Knew

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Doralicia Giacoman-Soto
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College is a period of trials and lessons, and this becomes evident by the college experiences that have shaped me and the things that I have learned. While I’ve had a few small college regrets, such as maybe not attending one specific college event or trying other smaller extracurricular experiences, the biggest college regret that I have is not taking that one English class I truly wanted.

My first semester of college I took an English II level course and since I wasn’t well informed I ended up taking a general English II course, when I could have taken a specific English course that was specifically suited for my major in Mass Communication. This lack of knowledge from my part came from a combination of not doing enough research about what courses I exactly needed to take for my major and also considering a non-academic adviser’s suggestion over what I personally thought.

Although I don’t regret what I learned from my English course or my teacher, because I truly learned a lot from my teacher (turns out he actually studied at the same school and majored in a similar degree to what I’ll be applying to), I do regret not being a more informed student and considering exploring more class options so I would have taken a more solid decision reflective of my specific educational path.

So, this part goes out to any college freshmen or students still in college: it is never too late to learn more about your specific major. Do you know what specific courses you need for your major, especially if you’ll be transferring to another school? What about college clubs, organizations, and extracurricular activities related to your major? If you know what school(s) you’ll be applying to, check their requirements and recommendations for transfer so you can incorporate them in your decision making when selecting which classes to take so you can increase your chances of getting accepted, make sure more course credits get transferred if you get accepted, and simply to ease your transfer.

It is never too early to plan what courses you’d like to take so you can make a more informed decision and incorporate a good selection of classes. Talk to academic counselors, admissions at the school(s) you’ll be applying to and to other students who studied your major for recommendations, but also consider what’s best for your unique career interests and educational path: what do YOU want? What specific programs of study and schools have your attention, and what will help you get there?

Although having some college regrets, both big and small, are often a part of the college experience that most college students deal with, we can reduce the extent and quantity of them by being more informed about what exactly we want to get out from our time in college. Don’t let fear or not being informed enough define what you think you can do and how you choose to act. Consider your goals, become informed about what specific classes are required and recommended for your major, and take that class that you want!


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