A Guide to Goal Setting

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Jessie Flamming
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Goal setting, especially in college, is a common topic that can seem overwhelming. In reality, once you break down what accomplishing a goal really looks like it becomes relatively simple. The key is to start with a frame of mind that sets you up for future success by utilizing your present time.

Whether your goal is getting an A on an assignment or increasing the number of books you read a month, the perspective on how to be successful is the same. It is crucial to start with the end in mind and begin to work backwards. By doing this, you divide your overall goal into smaller checkpoints. This will help you stay on track and easily measure your progress over time.

It is important when setting a goal to have a distinct timeline and metric of measurement for success. That will give you the leverage to accomplish your smaller goals, which come together as your overall goal, without losing sight of the big picture.

Another dominant factor in the goal setting process is staying consistent. Everyday work toward the goal no matter how insignificant the progress might seem. Remember, that even a baby step is a step in the right direction: a step toward success.

The ability to set goals and consistently achieve them is a skill you will practice your entire life. This guide, or mindset, to goal setting has drastically changed my personal success. Once you start living through this new perspective the opportunities are endless. It decreases unfinished goals and encourages you to set the bar higher.

Pearson Students: What goal are you working to right now? What steps are you going to take to achieve it? Please share with the Pearson Student community by commenting on this blog!

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