A Mentor's Immeasurable Impact

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Griffin Leach
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The idea of having a mentor is thrown around a lot within the context of business and academic environments. While the word ‘mentor’ may be overused to the point of becoming a cliché, its impact on young and aspiring people is almost immeasurable. The relationship I have developed with my mentor has gradually convinced me of this fact.


My Pearson Scholarship includes being matched with a mentor to work with me as I transitioned from community college to university. Upon meeting Andrew Taylor (my mentor) I could immediately see that he was incredibly enthusiastic and excited about our connection. Just like any formally implemented relationship, things started off rigid and professional. We stuck to the agenda and ended meetings promptly. We learned a lot about each other’s interests and abilities but knew very little about what made us both tick.

Discussing Interview Strategies

Although the first few months were more professional, the value added for me was enormous. During this time, I was preparing to interview for a banking internship. This process required me to drastically refine my resume as well as improve my public speaking and professional presence. Andrew was instrumental in helping me prepare for the interview process. Although our relationship was still quite formal, his professional experience and wisdom helped me secure a position with Merrill Lynch.

Establishing Common Ground

Once the stress from interview season died down, Andrew and I had a chance to really get to know each other. We began to have less formal conversations, steering more towards our personal interests. Because of our similar interest in business as well as our general intellectual curiosity, our scheduled calls began to spark many in-depth conversations that would go on well past the scheduled time allotted for the call.

Redefining our Relationship

Throughout the last year and a half, our relationship has blossomed into something that transcends mere professional mentorship. We have built a friendship and feel that few topics are inappropriate to broach.

I am very lucky to have such an involved mentor who has truly taken an interest in my life path, both as a professional and also as a person.

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