Getting a Foot in the Door: How I Used MyLab IT To Jump Start My Nursing Career

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Kayleigh Burke
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When I was five years old, my younger sister was born with complications resulting in a prolonged hospital stay. Sitting at the bedside, I watched in fascination as the nurses ran the show. It was almost like a dance the way they flew around the room, checking on patients, giving medications, and comforting loved ones. I was immediately drawn to the field. Nursing was my calling.

Searching for a way to begin

Fast forward fifteen years later and I was finally ready to apply to nursing school. However, the year long wait between applications and beginning the program seemed to drag on forever. As I awaited my acceptance I felt it was time to enter the medical field, even if it meant starting at the bottom. Unfortunately, with no medical license or experience, even starting at the bottom turned out to be difficult. Hoping to get a foot in the door, I began taking medical assisting classes. To my surprise, a computer science class that I had signed up for on a whim ended up being my golden ticket.

Doors began opening

This computer course used Pearson’s MyLab IT software to simulate scenarios in which Microsoft applications may be used in a professional setting. The simulation sessions allow for user-friendly, interactive learning so that the information will not be forgotten. Each time a section of the course is completed, Pearson awards the user with a digital badge to declare proficiency in the subject. At first, I just used these badges to spruce up my previously barren LinkedIn page. But after reflecting on how much I had learned using Pearson’s interactive learning style, I realized that these badges were more than decorations. With my new proficiency in Microsoft applications, I saw doors open up on the administrative side of medicine.

My IT skills set me apart

I applied for an administrative position at a local medical organization and heard back promptly. The first question the hiring manager asked was in regards to my experience using Microsoft applications, and, more specifically, Excel. Impressed by my Pearson’s MyLab IT software experience, she invited me in for an interview. Being familiar with Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, and Powerpoint were skill-sets that helped set me apart from other candidates during the hiring process, despite my lack of experience in the field.

Training the trainers

Shortly after being hired, I found myself sharing tips and tricks about using Excel with colleagues who were supposed to be training me. Microsoft Excel has many innovative features, but, without the proper training, most of these features go to waste. There is definitely a difference between understanding how to use Excel versus using Excel to its full potential. Sharing what I learned from MyLab IT training has improved efficiency throughout my entire department. Using Microsoft Excel continues to be a crucial part of my job, and Pearson’s program prepared me to use the program effectively within the work place.

A solid foundation

Now, as I finish up nursing school, I remain a valued employee within this organization. In a few months, I will graduate and hope to transfer to a nursing position within the same organization. Thanks to Pearson, I was able to begin my career path and build a foundation for my future.