Majoring in...Museum? Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

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Tulin Babbitt
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My dream job is to work in a museum as an archivist or curator. So far, I’ve been doing well to achieve these goals. After I complete my bachelor’s degree in Social and Cultural History, I plan to earn my master’s degree while working an internship through a museum. Entering the museum workforce is a unique but rewarding experience! I will share with you three helpful tips that are applicable to success in any career field.

Studying allows you to stand out

Many students have the same goals you have. One of the best ways to stand out for internship, scholarship, and graduate school applications is to get good grades and have a high GPA. Stay on top of your coursework and take advantage of every study support resource available through your college.

Internships give you experience

The number one advice I’ve been given is to complete multiple internships at different places. This allows you to gain experience in a variety of areas. Not only does this help you stand out to graduate schools, but it shows employers that you have well-rounded experience.

Networking gets you hired

Get your name ingrained in as many heads as possible. Email a leader in your target field. Ask for their advice. Leave them with your resumé so if a position opens, you’ll be on the top of the pile.

Whether you’re working towards a career after college or looking ahead to graduate school, it’s important to realize that your dream won’t be achieved overnight. It takes studying, strategic planning, and networking to achieve your dream job!

I’m looking forward to my career as an archivist. What’s your dream job? What are some tips you would share as you make your way through the process?



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