A Message for Transfer Students: You Belong

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Victoria Bankowski
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When I received word that I was accepted into the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, I think my head swelled three times its size.   However, once I started classes there I soon realized that what I had expected as a transfer student was not at all what I was faced with.  I was in over my head. Reality slapped me right in the face.  What little social life I had went straight down the drain.   The complexity of the work felt overwhelming. I could not seem to “get ahead” the way I previously did at community college.  I began to have self-doubt in my capabilities.  

Earning a place

Luckily, I already had a support network in place. I was contacted by the Provost’s office and asked to come in to talk.    He shared that the application process was stringent and noted that I had earned a place among the others on campus.  He assured me I had all the tools I needed to become successful and stated I was a true Wolverine. This helped to set my mind at ease and I gained the confidence I needed to complete my school work.   

Becoming a part of the community

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