Reduce Stress By Getting Organized

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Sydney Summers
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There is nothing worse than forgetting to do something because you were not organized. Whether it be a homework assignment or a test you didn’t study for – being unorganized causes stress! But establishing just a few simple organization tips will ensure you don’t neglect essential parts of your academic career.

During my first year in college, I was not organized at all. I would complete a homework assignment but forget to turn it in. Or once I forgot a lunch I promised I would have with my grandma. I knew I had to make a change. Here are a few things I use and do every day to stay properly organized. Now I feel so much better about meeting my obligations.

Use an agenda!

Find one with both a weekly and monthly view. There are electronic versions but I prefer a physical one. I currently use the Filofax inserts for my agenda. I always try to buy inserts that are both clean and enough space for me to write out all the things I need to remember. I emphasize this because some agendas don’t come with a weekly and monthly view.

Make your dates quickly accessible.  

I use paper clips on my agenda so I can quickly see my month and day. It is no fun to be constantly flipping through your agenda. That is why you need paper clips!

Make a “To Do” list.

If my week is very busy, I have note cards that I will paper clip to the front of my agenda. That’s where I write extra reminders of tasks I need to do that week. I love having these in my possession if I ever need to write a quick note.

Keep a record.

I have a college-ruled notebook where I write out everything from all areas of my life – personal, professional and academic. Writing it out gives my brain an extra reminder. I usually try to buy a bright colored college-ruled notebook from TJ Maxx because it’s a good deal and great quality.  I highly recommend college-ruled since it’s more narrow and you can write more!

The key to staying organized is writing things down. Whether that be an agenda, notebook or paper, write it all down! I strongly believe having both an agenda and college-ruled notebook will help YOU stay organized this semester! Read more organization tips from another Pearson Student Insider here.

Pearson Students: How do YOU stay organized? Please share by commenting below!

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