This Digital Tool Saved My Math Grade

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Sydney Summers
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Math101. I’d still be trying to pass this class – even four tries later – if I hadn’t discovered one digital tool. Yes, that’s right, I had a hard time passing the most basic math class my campus has to offer. You can find this amusing, because even I am trying to laugh off the amount of tuition dollars and time lost from my 3 attempts. Even though it was quite the hike to finally pass, I found useful tools along the way that will hopefully help another struggling math student!

Look beyond your homework assignments.

If your class utilizes a digital learning tool, like most classes do, use the extra study tools.  Before discovering these extras, I spent hours doing MyLab Math problems and still felt like something was missing. My professor recommended using the extra tools that accompanied the access code – and this advice was priceless! I thought that MyLab Math was just a portal to submit your homework, but it also contains a lot of other neat features! I started reading the e-text and using the additional help MyLab Math had to offer, such as the practice tests and dynamic study modules.

Practice leads to progress.

I would highly recommend completing ALL of the practice tests before every exam! It was the reason why I passed the class (and didn’t have to make my fourth attempt)! Additional practice is what is required to do well on math exams, and not only does MyLab Math provide that opportunity, but it even tracks your progress! Discovering and using the extra tools in MyLab Math was all it took for me to finally achieve success in Math 101.

If you are struggling in a class, whether it be math, biology, or accounting, check out the additional features that come with the access code you purchased. It might surprise you how helpful they truly are!

Pearson Students, what Pearson digital tool allowed you to succeed in one of your classes? Share by commenting below!

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