Networking: Tips from My Experience

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Sydney Summers
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Have you ever been in a slump looking for a job, internship or a new connection with someone in your field? Finding an internship can be stressful, competitive and extremely time-consuming. Here’s how I’ve used networking to land jobs and internships.

Look nearby

I always tell people that they shouldn’t be afraid to ask their family and friends for help. People love helping others and you never know who someone may know in the industry you want to work in. I landed my previous internship from one of my brother’s friends, all because I asked him if he knew anyone in public relations.

Get social

LinkedIn is key for so many reasons. I always try to stay on top of my LinkedIn profile and my resume so my information is up to date. Include that you are seeking an internship or job in your LinkedIn profile. You would be surprised by the number of recruiters and users who utilize this tool to find employees or interns. It is okay to search someone in the field you want to work in and connect with them on LinkedIn. You have nothing to lose by messaging someone and asking them for their time and knowledge.

Ask professors

Asking professors for help or advice is a great place to start. I have had many professors recommend my school’s career center. After completing a mock interview there, I ended up gaining key knowledge on improvements I could make, plus I made a connection with the instructor who interviewed me.

The best advice I ever received when looking for internships was to be persistent. If a job or internship doesn’t work out, that’s okay because something better will usually come your way if you have an optimistic view! Don’t be afraid to ask friends, family, and professors for help! Use social media, such as LinkedIn to help amp your leverage, and you will be set for success in internships!

Pearson Students: Do you have an internship? What have you learned from it? Share by commenting below!

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