4 Tips for New College Students

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Tulin Babbitt
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College is terrifying. There are many new experiences that leave new college students full of questions, and missing the confident guidance of their families. What classes do you pick? What major do you choose? How will you get along with your roommate? Don’t let all these questions intimidate you! Embrace college experiences with confidence and assurance! Here are four questions that I found myself asking my first year of college, and how I dealt with them.

What class time do I register for?

There are so many choices that it’s overwhelming and confusing. My advice is to find classes that fit your schedule. Are you a morning person? Maybe you want to opt for that 8a.m. class when you are focused and alert.  However, if you like to sleep until noon everyday, perhaps that early morning class would not be for you. Set some parameters for yourself when picking a class schedule.

Which classes should I take?

The obvious answer you will get is to take a wide variety of classes. However, you first want to knock out your general education requirements. These will include classes such as math, history, and psychology. In addition to a few of your general education classes, take a variety of classes you think you might be interested in. This will allow you to be better prepared for picking your major.

What should I major in?

Your parents are pressuring you to choose something in a business school because you could “actually get a job with that”. Perhaps you, however, are leaning more towards Anthropology or History or English Lit.  My advice is to pick the path you are most passionate about. You are going to spend the rest of your college career studying that topic. Then you hope to have a professional career in that field. If you want to be happy, do something you love in an area where you excel.

How do I get along with a new roommate?

It’s not uncommon for new college students to long for home when difficulties arise with a new roommate. Most college housing departments require roommate agreements at the beginning of the year so that it is in place if it is needed. Whether you live on or off campus, DO NOT be passive aggressive towards your roommate. Be honest and assertive about your expectations. Remember, it’s an adjustment for both of you. You’ll have a more comfortable living experience when everyone is clear about the expectations. Be open and communicate.

Registering for classes, choosing a major, dealing with roommates – it can be an intimidating process when starting college. However, with the right approach and support of others, anything is achievable! I have found great success in taking challenges head on, and using the tips I outlined here!


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