Set New Goals for a Winning Semester

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Kara Lyons
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A new semester is a perfect time to set new, challenging goals. It’s a wonderful time when students are allowed a fresh start for grades, organizations, and hobbies. You can change your priorities based on lessons learned from the past. Some semesters may require you to become less involved while others may inspire you to do more. Either way, a new semester allows you to expand both your mind and your commitments. Here are a few ideas and guidelines for setting your G.O.A.L.S. to create a winning semester.

Get ahead

It’s a common goal for most college students: do all the hard work now so you can cruise at the end of the semester. My mom always tells me to get ahead in the beginning, but sometimes that’s impossible. If you haven’t learned the topic, you can’t start the homework. However, it IS possible to get ahead in textbook reading and to do your homework earlier than the night before. You can also use time in between classes to even get ahead on stuff you have to do later that day.

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