Stressed? Don't Regret Me-Time

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Davki Patel
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You change a lot in college. I went from a girl who would have herself dressed up head-to-toe to a girl with gym clothes and a bag full of books. Once I became a college student it seemed like I never had time to do what I enjoyed anymore – I did not even have time to go to the gym!  But by the end of my second year of college I figured out how to schedule in me-time. 

Busy is sometimes too busy

I did not make the most of my freshman year. Learning to balance classes with other activities was challenging. I felt like I never had time for myself or for what I wanted to do. I never hung out with friends anymore, never got to paint my nails, and never got to even relax.  

Confide in a friend

During my second semester, I reconnected with my best friend from high school. It was hard at first trying to reconnect with someone I had spent nearly half a year away from, but we both realized we had something in common – we both had a crazy first semester. My best friend and I helped each other re-discover that we could have fun while still making our studies a priority. Finally, during my sophomore year, I learned how to fit in some fun while keeping my studies a priority.

Make time for yourself

You will put a toll on your mental and emotional health if you don’t set aside some time for me-time. I still do not get time to so my nails every week, or my hair and makeup every morning. I guess that is what happens when you’re learning to balance responsibilities with school and a job. Whether it be an hour each day, or a few hours on the weekend, block out time in your calendar to do something that you enjoy.

I have changed, I believe for the better, and this came with maturity. I learned something new that I live by now.  You will never be truly happy if you live with regrets.


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