Pets and College

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Davki Patel
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One of the things many college students miss the most is the family pet they left behind. Pets ease sadness and give unconditional love. Since college can be stressful, a pet can definitely sound like something amazing to have around. However, pet ownership is a big responsibility. Here are some things to consider before bringing a pet into your college life.


Pets are living organisms and they have feelings too.  They need love and affection just like a person does. Many types of pets require daily exercise and playtime, too. Are you away from home most of the day or on weekends? College students are busy between classes, extracurricular activities, sports, social clubs, and jobs. Be certain that you can give a pet the time and attention it needs.


Most campus residence halls do not allow pets.  If you are caught hiding an animal, you could be evicted from on-campus housing and maybe even face disciplinary action from the school. Some off-campus apartments or other properties may allow pets if you pay a required monetary deposit. If you have roommates, they will need to agree to having a pet, too. Plus, lonely pets left alone all day may get noisy and disturb your neighbors. Make sure your housing situation is compatible with pet ownership.


Taking care of a pet can be expensive. In addition to food, pets need regular veterinary care and even vaccinations. Smaller pets like hamsters or birds require habitats or cages, which can be pricey. When you’re away for weekends or holidays, you may need to board your pet or hire a pet sitter. Take a close look at your budget to find out if there’s room for the expenses related to owning a pet.

Pets are more than a 4 year commitment and they need the correct love and care to survive. Let pet ownership wait until the time is right!  


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