Two Programs to Help Students Build Business Etiquette

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Victoria Bankowski
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Business etiquette is an essential skill that every student should feel confident in using. However, if you are not a business major like myself, your degree program may not include a course on business etiquette. Fortunately, there are tools and programs out there dedicated to ensuring students succeed in professionalism and career readiness! I have found two specific programs that helped me refine the skills I needed to become the successful professional I am today, and I would like to share those with you.

Pearson Student Insiders

The Pearson Students Insiders program focuses on student development.  Comprised of college students passionate about education and career success, I collaborate with other students nationwide on topics of professional development. Through the program, I complete challenges that test my career readiness, and give me interesting things to think about regarding motivation and success. The daily challenges helped me refine skills such as time management, professional writing, and organization skills. Through completing these challenges, and competing against other students, I was able to earn monetary rewards such as gift cards. Even more valuable, I earned endorsements on my social media accounts, such as badges on my LinkedIn. This shows employers that I am a step above the rest.

Federal Programs

Federal programs, such as TRIO, give “hands-on experience” to students. I was a part of TRIO while attending Wayne County Community College District. Since most public colleges have this program, I highly encourage you to look into it on your campus! The Federal TRIO programs are outreach and student service programs designed to identify and provide services for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. One of the programs, Upward Bound, serves and supports low-income individuals, first generation college students, or individuals with disabilities. This program helped me develop interpersonal and business etiquette skills. I have used these skills to apply for scholarships, get admitted to University of Michigan, build my resume, and further develop my professionalism.

I owe much to these two programs, as I am very proud of my accomplishments both in my academic and professional career. Business etiquette is a very essential, but commonly overlooked part of career readiness that each and every student – regardless of major – needs to be knowledgeable on. Programs such as Pearson Student Insiders and Federal TRIO programs can be used as tools for success.  Whether you are earning LinkedIn badges through Pearson Students Insiders, or getting the hands-on experience of a proper handshake introduction through TRIO – these programs are set to ensure you have success in your future career.


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