Putting Stress to the Test

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Taylor Guynup
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Stress is the one thing every student has had to deal with in one way or another. Whether it be an increase in your heart beat before a test or the uncontrollable sweating before a first date, stress can be a drag in productivity and overall happiness. However, stress can be controlled and handled.

The most important way to handle stress is to identify the source. Locating where your stress is coming from can help because then you can try to minimize it. While there are things in life that you can’t always control, there are ways to help with controlling and minimizing stress.

After identifying where your stress is coming from, you can use these tips and tricks to find an outlet and relieve the stress that is building up in your life.

Find a hobby.

This sounds so cliché, but this is the best way to have time to do something that you love to do. Whether it be running, watching movies, or just being with friends, it’s good to spend some time away from school or the source of your stress.

Take mini breaks when studying.

Trust me, we have all been on that nine-hour long grind when studying before a test, but breaks are important. Breathe, walk around, socialize and get back to work. When you hit hour ten, you’ll be grateful you got the brain break.

Plan out your week.

To avoid those long nights at the library, plan out your study schedule a week in advance. This not only helps with your sleep schedule, but also gives you time to make sure you learn your class material and have time to do other things besides study.

Take a deep breath.

Stopping and taking a deep breath is one of the best ways for a quick fix to stress. Controlling your breathing slows your heart rate to control the physical symptoms of stress and also helps clear your mind.

Implementing these tricks into your daily life can help minimize the stress that you feel on a day-to-day basis. Decreasing stress can help you improve your performance in school and also live a happier life.