Thank you, teachers, for joining my team

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Daiki Yoshioka
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Teachers have a part in every educational journey. They nourish students with knowledge garnished with life lessons. As I am one of the beneficiaries of education, I can say with confidence that I would not have matured without the presence of teachers. For me, each educational journey is like a marathon. It looks as though it is an individual sport. Yet, it takes a team: runners cannot run without help from trainers, parents, fans, and sponsors. It’s all combined. Likewise, pursuing education is a collective effort. Parents provide their students with a stable environment in which students thrive. Textbooks help introduce new knowledge to students. Teachers are most vital. They help students navigate through new information, make connections, and develop their thinking.

I have had a plethora of episodes where teachers played crucial roles in my life. In elementary school, my teacher tenaciously lectured me on the joy of cleaning desks. Now, I find solace in cleaning my room, which helps me relieve stress during finals. In middle school, my ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher gave me a piece of advice, “Learning a new language takes time, be patient.” Having been patient for 6 years and steadily learning English, I am now writing this blog in English. My high school mentor taught me about the art of giving. Being inspired, I have started to work as a tutor in college to help other students. Now, with this diverse life advice, I have a goal to start projects in order to help alleviate educational inequality through entrepreneurship.

Throughout my career as a student, many teachers have gifted me with knowledge and assisted me as I grow into a mature individual. They showed me how to conquer various life challenges, whether it be cleaning, learning English, or identifying my future path. Amidst of the marathon which I am getting closer to the goal, I could not have gotten here without teachers. Thank you, teachers, for joining my marathon team and educating me to run through the academic avenue as well as life. Until I can shout, “We did it,” at commencement, I look forward to further learning from you and growing exponentially.