10 tips to manage time effectively

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Calli Jansen
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Getting back into the swing of a new semester can be a difficult. Here are 10 easy tips to help ease the process of managing your time effectively.

  1. Use a Planner– Write out your commitments such as homework assignments, work hours or a workout class so you can visualize what you have coming up for the day or week.
  2. Get Adequate Sleep– Many believe that staying up to get ahead on assignments will be beneficial, however in the long run the lack of sleep will leave you less productive in the days following the all-nighter.
  3. Take Breaks– A person can only correctly focus for so long. Pushing yourself to work for four straight hours on an assignment is less effective than breaking it into two shorter sessions with adequate breaks. This is important when working on a computer as your eyes need time to rest from the blue light emitted.
  4. Get a Social Media Timer– One of the biggest forms of procrastination for many is getting sucked into checking social media. In order to prevent your 10-15 minute breaks from stretching to 45 minutes, set timers on your phone to remind you to get back to work or download an app that locks you out of your phone so you can focus on the tasks at hand.
  5. Say No– One of the reasons people begin to fall behind on commitments is because they are over scheduling themselves. This in turn creates stress and anxiety, ultimately reduces productivity and wastes time. Make sure you are not over-committing so you can put your best effort forward in your priorities.
  6. Remember Your Goals– By remembering your goals, you can prioritize tasks in order to accomplish your most important ones and ensure you are completing the more time pressing issues first.
  7. Get Organized– Similar to using a planner, make sure the other parts of your life are organized as well. This includes your work area, bedroom and life in general. Working in a cluttered area can be distracting and lead to a lower level of productivity. Trying to get to sleep in a messy room can be harder because the mess is a reminder of the “mess” of commitments you have.
  8. Delegate– Some people like to be involved in every step of their commitments, however, this can get overwhelming. In order to be successful, individuals need to delegate tasks to their peers and not take everything on themselves.
  9. Create a Routine– This can be written down in your planner but make sure you get some kind of pattern in your daily life. For example if you want to ensure you work out on Monday and Wednesdays, plan to do it at the same time on those days. Eventually, it will become second nature for you to come home from work or class and immediately get ready to sweat.
  10. Take Time To Do Nothing- Similar to taking breaks in between studies, it is important to have a couple hours or a day of few commitments to relax and rejuvenate. If you’re constantly on the go, you may get burned out or even sick, which all contribute to a lack of productivity.  

Managing time is one of the most challenging aspects of college. With many commitments and cramped time to complete assignments, you may find yourself flustered at times. Just remember these 10 tips and keep an even head throughout the semester.