From African Fish Eagle to American Bald Eagle

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Mayur Bahkta
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I may not be classified as an international student but I did move to the United States the year I began college. Prior to that, I was living in Zimbabwe. Born and raised in the city of Bulawayo, I grew up very reserved and may have lacked an element of self confidence. I came from a household where both my parents and grandparents were not very social and preferred to keep me occupied at home, with what felt like a mountain of responsibilities. While I did enjoy growing up there and miss climbing the rocks of Matopos, I felt restricted and my potential suppressed.

Flying West

Moving to the United States marked a transition for me; not only geographically but also personally. I currently live in Mansfield, Texas and attend Tarrant County College–Southeast in Arlington, where I am working on obtaining my Associate of Science degree. I moved in with my uncle and his family while my parents work near Houston. This provided me with a sense of independence. Even though I have not exactly moved out, having more freedom allowed me to pursue new opportunities openly, without having to worry about my previous responsibilities as much. I could now focus on my education and building my future.