Preparing for finals can be fun with the right techniques and tools

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Patricia Skinner
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Finals are coming! Believe it or not, preparing for finals can be fun with the right techniques and tools. Here are 5 exam prep tips that work well for me.

First Things First

Many instructors provide some type of study guide to help their students prepare for the final exam. Once you have your guide, look over it and write down any questions you have. Bring your list of questions to your instructor. Make sure that you can understand their answers and that you do not end up leaving with new questions. If you cannot understand and answer the review that you are given, you will not be able to study in a truly helpful way.

Break it down

If you have a large amount of reading to do as part of your review, try counting the number of pages that you have to get through. Once you have that number, divide it by ten. The answer will tell you how many pages you should read before you take a break. Once you have readxnumber of pages, set your timer and take a 10-minute break. Do something relaxing or fun, but remember to honor the timer and go back to studying when time’s up.

Time it out

You can also use a timer to break down longer sessions of problem solving into smaller chunks. Set your timer for thirty minutes and get to work. Once the timer goes off, stop for a 10-minute break. Remember to stand up and walk around for a moment during each break to boost your energy level and circulatory system.

Have Fun

I like to make my study guide into a game! If I have to learn vocabulary I will write the terms on one set of flash cards and the definitions on another set. I then shuffle the two sets of flash cards and place them face down in two separate groups; terms in one group and definitions in other. I then have to match the terms to the definitions. This is a really good way to get yourself to be able to quickly answer vocabulary questions. Consider going digital with Pearson Prep! One feature allows you to create your own digital flashcards and access additional ones created by experts.

Partner Up

A tried and true study technique is to teach the information to someone else. Then let your partner teach a concept to you. Collaborate with your classmates using Google Docs to work on your study guide. Doing this will enable you to pool your knowledge and finish the review faster so that you have longer to study.

Studying for finals can actually be a fun adventure! Cramming doesn’t have to be your go-to study strategy. Break it down, time it out, collaborate with your classmates. Most of all, make the experience enjoyable!


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