Manage Your Smartphone or It Will Manage You

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Natalie Farran
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The use of technology negatively affects interpersonal communication skills because it limits social interaction and development. This is important because it affects our future jobs, relationships, and health. Allowing our phones to kill our real communication will damage our relationships. Access to the world through technology leads us to spend hours sitting in front of a screen without us noticing. Here are some ways that can help you stay off your phones and stay connected to the real world.

Set Timers

There are many apps and settings on your phone that allow you to set time limits for social media and other apps. When you have reached the limit,  your phone locks you out and you have to go back in and change the setting if you want to keep using that app. This makes you more aware of how much time you are spending on your phone and keeps you more accountable.

Play Games

A lot of times when I am with friends, it feels like everyone is always on their phones. A way we have learned to stop that is keeping our phones in the middle of the table and the first person that grabs theirs loses. They could have to buy everyone pizza or deal with the fact they lost. Another way to keep everyone engaged is to play games together. It is hard for people to be focused on their phones when they are trying to win. Either way, these are good ways to keep talking together and not talking over the phone.

I have experienced being ignored by my friends and even left my own house without them noticing. They finally realized their mistakes and apologized, but it taught a valuable message: don’t allow your phone to take you away from those you love. It can become an addiction, but if you stay on top of it, your phone won’t take over you.


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