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Natalie Farran
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When I first got to college, I could see myself struggling and didn’t understand why. With the help of friends and professors, I soon realized that a lot of my problems stemmed from not being organized and not having a routine. Once I started using a planner and following a schedule, my grades quickly went up and I felt more confident in everything I did. Here are more tips I follow that have helped me succeed throughout college and may just help you as well. 

Lecture tips

The first step for having success in your classes is to be on time and be prepared. If you know what you are going over that day and have read ahead, you will know what questions you may have. Another way to stay focused is to stay off your phone; this will help you avoid being side tracked. You may even want to turn it off. Success in your classes also comes from actually attending class. Make it a point to be at all the lectures you can. If you can’t make it, ask a friend for notes from that day. Overall, you want to be fully there in your lectures and focused on the professors.

Study tips

Studying doesn’t start right before each test, it starts from the beginning. It is good to make a study outline after every lecture. This will make it less of a hassle once test time comes. If you don’t understand something, visit your professor during office hours. They want to help you and see you succeed so use them before it is too late. There are also tools you can use to help better understand the material. You can use flash cards, questions from your book, and even online study guide tools to help remember things. Finally, after each test reward yourself. You have worked hard and deserve it!

Lab tips

Labs are here to help you better understand classroom concepts. They are in a smaller setting and a great place to ask questions. There are always things to do beforehand, so make sure you are prepared with readings and videos. Make friends in your labs because you may need them later on with help for lectures or labs. Tests in labs are just as important as tests in your lectures so prepare accordingly. Overall, labs can be a fun way to learn materials. Use your time wisely and have fun with it.

Time management tips

Keeping a routine can be hard, but once you get it set, it can make a world of a difference. Strive to keep school and home separate. You can study at the library, with friends, or even at a desk. Staying off the bed or couch can help you be more focused. Also, try studying during the day so you can have more time at night for family and friends. Once you have a schedule, stick to it to stay on track!

College can be hard, but staying organized and having a schedule brings calm to the chaos.  It will help you to stay motivated and to get better grades. Always remember why you are doing it and look toward your goal!


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