Working Out the Stress

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Jesus Hernandez
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Being a full-time student and having to manage school, work, social life, and family can be hard. There are many different reasons why college students get stressed out throughout the whole semester, so finding something that helps you cope with it all is key. I have found that working out and working on my health helps me forget about everything going on for a minute and just enjoy that time to make myself better. Here are three ways to make time for your health and keep your stress level under control.

Set a Schedule

One way I have been able to manage my time while in college is to set a daily agenda of everything I need to do, including my workout. Keeping a schedule is crucial in planning your day, so everything you have to do gets done on time. Sometimes you might think you aren’t able to get your workout in because you have a test to study for, but exercising actually helps you retain more information. It gives your brain a break and your body an outlet to release some energy. For me, making time for the gym has become a habit and my day is better once I get my workout in. Whether it be at six in the morning or nine at night, I always make it a point to go. While it may be hard to prioritize, finding something that separates you from your day-to-day stress can bring more balance into your life.