A Letter from a Sentimental College Senior

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Taylor Guynup
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Four years have gone by so fast. As I look back on those years, I remember all of the smiles, laughter, and tears I have gone through, the lessons I have learned, and the memories I have made. Being a senior is bittersweet; I have the rest of my life ahead of me, but I am closing a chapter of my life that I have cherished so much.

Make those memories

I find myself trying to squeeze in all of my “lasts” and doing everything possible to make this the best year of college yet. As I look back though, I realize that I can’t force memories to be made, because some of the best memories happen in the most spontaneous ways possible. Like the one time I was at the library until 4 a.m. and found one of my best friends through it. Or the time I was exhausted, but still said ‘yes’ to a night that will forever be my favorite. Even the football game that I stayed at through three overtimes. All of these moments were authentic and happened because I said ‘yes’ to experiencing life. 

Live your life

Don’t get me wrong, it’s OK to say ‘no’ sometimes, and to stay in and have those nights to yourself. Studying always comes first. But if you have a drop quiz, take that drop and live your life. College is about way more than studying your life away. It is about finding yourself and growing into the person that you want to be. It is about finding that passion for your future career and finding people that will push you through that class you are struggling with. Your grades matter a lot, but at the end of those four years you don’t want your only memory to be you studying and stressing. 

Find joy in the little things

If you are in a hard major, studying is a part of the major. But you can find a way to make friends and memories through that, and study breaks are always fun. Growing up my dad always had so many stories of his life in college and my mom is still best friends with her college roommates. My parents gave me three rules when I got dropped off at college: don’t get arrested, don’t get a belly button piercing, and don’t spend every night in the library. I can confidently say that I have abided by all three. 

I lived my college life saying ‘yes’ while knowing that as long as I tried my best in school, I would be proud of myself. So, what is the bottom line of this whole sentimental story? Make those memories. Live your life. Find joy in the little things. Be happy and know that you are growing into a beautiful person who has a whole life ahead of them. And remember to always live in the present. 


A Sentimental Senior 


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