Boosting Your Performance in College

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Chris Simmons
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College is a critical time in a young person’s life because it is the launching pad that gives them a boost to find a career path. That is why the mindset changes transitioning from high school to college because in college, your goal is to try and use your education to set the foundation for the rest of your career. People tend to be more focused and take more initiative in their studies because they understand the value college can offer. 

Sometimes college students can get so caught up in the stresses of schoolwork that they feel like they can’t do anything else with their time. Yes, you should take time to focus on doing well in your studies but being buried in your books all day will not help give you the maximum benefit of college. Students should learn how to live a balanced life in college. Getting involved in activities you enjoy can help reduce stress and make college life easier. Here are some personal tips that I have learned throughout my college experience which have helped enhance my performance: 

Clear Your Mind

Take at least one hour out of your day to do an activity that helps you de-stress. I enjoy lifting weights in the mornings because it makes my body feel good and helps give me the energy I need to go about the rest of my day. Everybody has different forms of self-medication. Whether it’s yoga, going for a walk, listening to music, or reading a book, whatever gives you the most satisfaction, set aside time every day to engage in that activity.