A campus in crisis: Thoughts of an outgoing senior

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Madison Kriege
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Forty days from now, I was supposed to walk across the stage at my college graduation. The plans had been made and the hotels were booked. I had even carefully picked out my cap design. For four years, I’ve worked towards this moment, and over a couple hours, it was taken away. Despite this, I’m not upset that I won’t walk at commencement; I’m sad that I’ll never get to work in another classroom. I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to finish my classes out with the guy who has sat by me for eight semesters straight. I’m angry that my friends are miles apart. The COVID-19 crisis has been unprecedented, but I believe my graduating class will be just the same.  While there is chaos all around us, there are many things I am still thankful for.

Gaining strength 

This spring, I won’t be running between classes at one of the prettiest campuses in the US. I will never walk across campus again as a student. However, I have so many incredible memories to look back on. In August, I had a cardiac ablation the week before school started and I thought that it would be the craziest part of my senior year. Boy, was I wrong. In the first few weeks, I was exhausted just making it to the bus stop or to my first course. Over the year, I have been pushing myself further and further, and I made my way between the buildings. I’m thankful for the places that felt like my home and the strength they helped me find.