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Emily Bugg
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People start writing stories in kindergarten and don’t stop until they finish school, but that doesn’t make most people any less fearful of it. I think that comes from having to write paper after paper in high school and college and being thoroughly critiqued on them. However, just because you got a bad grade on paper doesn’t mean you can’t write for fun. Anyone can write blogs and keeping these three simple tips in mind will help you get started.

Write What You Know

Writing blogs can be fun, especially if you are writing about things you know about. I still struggle with coming up with a topic, but my advice is pick a passion of yours and run with it. It can be anything from working out to knitting to traveling to anything in between. Whatever it may be, you have something that you know a lot about. If anything, you get to share a love of yours to the world and cultivate that love you have even more.

Find Your Voice

Writing blogs isn’t super technical and doesn’t have to be serious in any way. Coming from a background of writing school papers, I struggled with the informality of blog writing. However, I learned you want your blogs to have your voice in them. Whether that be through jokes or the kinds of pictures you add, do something that gives the reader a sense of who you are. There is no right or wrong way, there is only your way. You want people to be able to get an essence of you and feel like you are right next to them telling a story.

Avoid Perfection

A lot of people think they should only write blogs about their successes, but this is an opportunity to write about anything going on in your life. While you may have failed at something, you also learned something through it as well. People don’t want to hear how perfect you are, they want to relate to you. You can give advice and tips on things, but share your real experiences in your blogs as well. No one is perfect and people know that; don’t worry about sounding perfect when you write blogs.

Like all things, writing blogs takes practice. You may not be the best at it right off the bat and that’s OK, but that doesn’t mean you stop trying. The more you do it, the more you learn. I hope these tips help and that you get writing right away because anyone can write blogs.


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