Best ways to stay connected while we are disconnected

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Megan Cistulli
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Like many, I am quarantined in a room by myself doing my best to contribute to the health and safety of my community.  If you are reading this, you might be a college student looking for support, a professor doing their best to stay afloat during the transition to remote instruction, or someone browsing the internet trying to find something to read while sitting on the couch. Whatever your reason, I am glad you are here to look at a few suggestions and resources to help you stay connected during this unprecedented time of disconnected quarantine.

Outside activities with family:

  1. Take a walk: Yes, this is the most obvious; walking will help keep your heart and body stay happy and healthy.  
  2. Yoga (away from others of course): A family yoga session in the park is just what you need to get a good stretch in and center your body’s energy. 

Outside activities on your own:

  1. Ride: Whatever you prefer to ride – bike/scooter/Heely shoes/unicycle/hoverboard – get out of the house and get active by riding around your neighborhood.
  2. Run: Getting out of your house, listening to great music, and getting a good sweat in is the perfect way to get endorphins flowing in your body.

Inside activities with family:

  1. Paint nights: Get those watercolors and canvases out because painting is the perfect way to therapeutically calm yourself and also create new artwork for around the house (even if it ends up on the wall behind the door).   
  2. Book club: Coherently as a family, start a book and have discussions every week accompanied by tea and sweet treats. 
  3. Game night: Plan game nights with your family whether it be Perpetual Commotion or Monopoly- the list never ends!  
  4. Dance party: Have you ever wanted to have aux or be a DJ?  This is the perfect time to have a dance party with your family and share music interests. 
  5. Cook off: Have a cook off with your family and see who can bake the best cupcakes or soufflé.   

Inside activities on your own:

  1. Learn a new skill: Personally, I am learning how to type at which allows for students, anyone for that matter, to learn how to type.  The down time you have now is the perfect time to learn something new.
  2. Read: We all have those books we never seem to have time to finish.  Guess what? You have the time now!
  3. Workout challenges: Try a 30-day plank or push-up challenge.  Even if you feel lethargic, 20 jumping jacks will get your blood flowing.  
  4. Cook: Try a new recipe from Pinterest or Home Cooking.  It is tempting to finish an entire sheet or cookies during anxious times, but this is the perfect time to try those healthy peanut butter balls or protein banana muffins.
  5. Netflix Party: Netflix now offers Netflix Party, so if you are feeling lonely, call up your friends to watch the same movie or show and chat about it at the same time.  I live in California, so it is nice to watch movies with my friends in Georgia. 
  6. Write letters: Letters are an extremely personal way to reach out to friends, family, grandparents – anyone that you can’t visit with in person right now. Show your community how much you care by physically writing to them.  It is a great time to also encourage others because they need the support just as much as you do.   

My best advice during this uncertain time is to take everything day-by-day.  I know we are all looking forward to the day when we look back and say, “Remember that corona virus thing?”  Try not to worry too much because that day will come soon enough. You got this – we all do.  


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