Ciao! MyLab Languages from a student's perspective

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Megan Cistulli
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Ciao! As a college student learning a language, MyItalianLab is one of the arrays of interactive language learning platforms offered through MyLab Languages created by Pearson.

I accidentally stumbled upon an Italian class the start of my sophomore year. As a favor to a friend and my Italian heritage, I stayed in the class. I thought it might be fun to learn a new language and have the ability to communicate with my grandparents in their native language. However, I completely underestimated the rigor of the class. With the help of Pearson’s MyItalianLab platform, I received an A in the class. Now, I am continuing to learn Italian and plan to study abroad in Italy in approximately two years with hopes of understanding and speaking the language fluently.

Helpful Features

The features of MyLab Languages are endless; however, I want to focus on three key elements which truly helped and continue to help me excel in my foreign language class.  

Verb Chart

The verb chart is a life saver! If you have ever studied a language, you are aware of the sheer amount of verb conjugations that exist. This is no exception in Italian. The verb chart allows you to type the verb you are searching for and it automatically pulls up whatever filter you place on the search, whether it be tense, mood, participle, or past infinitive. 


The glossary tool is extremely underrated. It allows you to have a full-proof dictionary on your computer with the audio if you are struggling with pronunciation. This feature is of the utmost importance because most teachers do not allow online translators, so this digital dictionary is perfect for all of those compositions you will be writing.  

Student Activity Manual

My favorite feature is the Student Activity Manual (SAM). SAM activities are an interactive way to review the chapter through different types of exercises. For example, there are vocabulary fill in the blanks, listening comprehension audio tracks with multiple choice, fun videos with questions, grammar tutorials, and more. Completing these immersion activities allows you to fully engage with the language you are studying. 

MyLab offers a variety of languages such as Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Latin, Portuguese, and Russian. Honestly, if I did not have the assistance of Person’s MyLab platform, I would not have done well in my Italian class, and I most certainly would not be making plans to study abroad in one of the most beautiful and culturally-vibrant regions in the world. 


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