Why college students should pursue a minor

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Alexa Kosloski
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College is an amazing place for students to learn, grow, and find out what they want to do for the rest of their lives. It offers a wide variety of learning opportunities and experiences that students may not be able to get elsewhere. However, because there is so much opportunity at college, there is a lot of opportunity cost that come into play. Do I choose to play on the basketball team or join the robotics club? Do I go ice skating with my friends or study for that hard physics exam tomorrow? Both offer their own unique benefits and downsides, but you only have time for so much between classes, social life, and extracurricular activities.  For this reason, some students may think twice about taking on a minor, but I encourage everyone that has the ability to add a minor to do so. Here’s why:

Exposure to new people

By adding a new field of study, you will no longer walk into a room and recognize everyone in your classes, but that’s OK! You will meet new students that will challenge your mind with new levels of conversation and thinking. Beyond just new professors, the people you meet may just be the connection that you need to land your dream internship/job one day. 

Change in thinking

As you are exposed to the new field of study, you will learn about new concepts and history. This may help you approach situations differently or have a better understanding of something in your major. Maybe you’re a Criminal Justice major that has a minor in Psychology and now you understand mens rea better than you did before. You never know when you will need that knowledge in the future.

Develop new skills

By adding a minor, you are accepting an increase in coursework along with what’s required for your major. For some students, the thought of adding to their workload may be stressful, but think of how great your multitasking and time management skills will become. Also, by adding a minor, you are able to hone in on a new field of study instead of just taking some extra random and unrelated classes to finish out your degree.

Added excitement

Adding a minor can be genuinely exciting. It’s almost as if you’re a freshman again in the sense that you are meeting and connecting with new people, and you are expanding upon your previous knowledge. And while the classes for a minor may not be as stressful, they’ll break up the routine that many students get stuck in.

Overall, I encourage everyone to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and add a minor. Recently, I added a graphic design minor and in doing so I have learned how much I genuinely enjoy the study of graphic design. I also find I am more creative in my marketing courses. Just make sure to go into the minor optimistic, eager, and open-minded to the experience. It may just end up being one of the best decisions that you ever made.


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