Collegiate philanthropies make a big impact: Why I dance at HuskyTHON

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Gabriella Soper
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Take a trip down memory lane and think back to when you were five years old. You were just a carefree little boy or girl in kindergarten, spending your days learning about penguins and igloos and playing at recess with your friends. Now imagine that instead of playing on the playground with friends, you were sitting in a hospital bed getting your second round of chemo in the past month, surrounded by doctors and nurses, just trying to stay positive and happy. Just fighting to stay alive. This is the reality for so many young children across the country. That is why I dance.

Every year, students at the University of Connecticut come together as one community to raise money in support of Connecticut Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Each February, the year-long philanthropic effort culminates with an 18-hour dance marathon called HuskyTHON. HuskyTHON is a magical day and night filled with fun, laughter, and love, not just for us, but For The Kids.

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