What It's Really Like to be a Campus Ambassador for Pearson

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Megan Cistulli
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When writing blogs for Pearson, the possibilities are endless and the scope is about as broad as it gets. This means student writing on this particular platform is exceedingly honest and authentic. This piece does not deviate from that trend and gives readers a genuine look into what it is like working for Pearson.

I have been working for Pearson as a Campus Ambassador for a little over half a year now, and I can honestly say it is the best job I have had, but why? How is Pearson different from those other companies? Keep reading if you want to find out.

The Experiences

One thing that separates Pearson from other companies is the quality and quantity of experiences. From strategy meetings in Palo Alto, California to meeting with department heads at universities in the San Francisco Bay Area to spending hours in the campus bookstore compiling an Excel sheet containing the Pearson products used at my university, my experiences are frequent and invaluable.

What I gain from the professional experiences is the priceless commodity many students my age never have the opportunity to encounter. Personally, numerous of my on-campus and off-campus experiences are attributed to Matt Christopherson, District Sales Manager, and Nick Dincelli, Senior Regional Sales Executive and Account Manager. For example, when Nick or Matt allow me to accompany them to meet department heads or strategize with an executive team, I not only see firsthand the laying of the groundwork and behind the scenes action that goes into making Pearson products thrive in college classrooms, but I am also able to participate and talk with these professionals and the customers. Consequently, my communication, public speaking, leadership, and critical thinking skills sharpen and improve as they are put to the test through these real-life experiences.

The Leadership

Another element of Pearson that truly stands out is the leadership; specifically, the leadership I have interacted with. I once had the opportunity to have dinner with Pearson’s President of Global Product and North America Courseware, Tim Bozik, along with District Sales Manager Heather Kazakoff, Sales Vice President Brian Williams, and Senior Sales Rep Becca Butts. As I sat there with my ears open taking in the exciting new ideas they were discussing, Tim Bozik asked, “How can we improve as we head into a digital era? How can we bridge the gap between paper and digital? What steps does leadership need to take in order to improve and make this happen?” To my surprise and excitement, the question was not only directed at the Pearson professionals at the table, but it was directed to me as well – a young college student.

After I gave my input, I began interjecting in the rest of the conversations. My ideas were listened to and expanded upon. The leadership did not overlook or ignore my voice but rather welcomed and sincerely acknowledged my solutions and suggestions. The main take away from this one example is that Pearson’s leadership sculpts and fashions its approach and role in a purposeful and meaningful way from the bottom up. The leadership is approachable and progressive; always supporting the student voice and critically thinking about better ways to serve customers and the community.

The Moms

Some of us are lucky enough to have one mom who supports and cares for us. As a Pearson Campus Ambassador, I get five: Dory Thornton, Mary Frances Weatherly, Margo McIlroy, Jeanne Bronson and Molly Meiners. It is one thing for a division of employees to have a productive management team. It is entirely different to have a management team that is not only productive but supports, encourages, cares, endorses, and even cries for their employees. Remarkably, the Moms’ treatment of all ambassadors creates a culture of excellence where students want to succeed, put themselves on the line, and work hard for people who work just as hard for them. When hopping onto a Zoom call with our team, I am prepared to work; however, the environment is different – quite familial. The air is filled with a unique trust and positive energy which directly contributes to the success of the Pearson Campus Ambassador Program. The Moms absolutely follow the trend of outstanding and unparalleled leadership at Pearson.

I remember one day about seven months ago I was scrolling through my LinkedIn page, and saw a message from Mary Frances with a headline that stated, “Ambassador Opportunity.” I must admit I first thought it was LinkedIn sponsored spam or something of the sort. Thankfully, I was wrong, and I took the time to research and apply for the opportunity. I wonder where I would be today without Pearson, all of the experiences, the exceptional leadership, and the Moms. Well, I am glad I never have to find out.

If you are interested in becoming a Pearson Campus Ambassador, follow this link