Exploring Careers in Information Technology

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Sarah Jacques
Blog author Sarah is holding a computer motherboard. The text beside her says, “Exploring Careers in Information Technology’ by Sarah L. Jacques.

It is a common misconception that a rewarding career in the field of Information Technology is not available to candidates with little to no experience. The ‘giants’ of the technology industry: cybersecurity and cryptography, for example, are fields that can be obtained by building experience in different ways than we might think. For college students seeking to break into a cyber career, knowing some foundational positions is a great way to open the door to a bright future in Information Technology. The following jobs are worth researching for any fanatical novice:

Internal Auditor

It is no secret that benefiting enterprises is one asset to having a career in IT. By verifying systems within businesses and companies, an Internal Auditor (also known as IA) assesses financial documents for accuracy and efficiency of internal staff, making recommendations for improvement. They determine the organization's financial risk and make suggestions for reducing it. If you would like a business-related segue into technology, Internal Auditing may be for you!

IT Help Desk

This position is customer service-oriented and analytical, also referred to as End User Specialists/Service Desk Technicians. From troubleshooting to assembly, this position will educate you on diagnostic procedures and errors. These specialists encounter hardware and software challenges. There are certifications available as well, to help affirm your skills. If you enjoy helping others and solving problems, an IT Help Desk position is worth checking out. Just remember the golden rule: first, ensure everything is on!

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Similar to the aforementioned End User Support Specialist, a managed service provider will evaluate your data handling procedures, software, connectivity, and systems. Your managed IT provider may develop a strategic roadmap for IT services that can improve your security, disaster response, platform speeds, and productivity in conjunction with your internal leaders and IT staff. Your requirements will determine the software, services, and platforms they are able to provide. For a blend of experience to the field, a job as a managed service provider would be befitting.

Software Developer

With a definite rapid growth, software development is rewarding for its overall positive job outlook. Even though many successful businesses may require software developers to have a college degree before hiring them, software developers can still succeed without one.

Qualifications to be a software developer are provided in a four-year college, as well as certifications and training in boot camps and courses. Python, SQL, and JavaScript are most likely to be needed for this job. For those who aspire to indulge in programming and web development, this job is recommended.

All in all, any career in Information Technology is worth the hard work it takes to be obtained. While none of the above jobs are a cinch, they can easily answer an aspiring expert’s question, “where do I begin?” To succeed, diligence and research are key, and it impedes on any student to gain as much experience as possible–so volunteer, ask questions, take courses, earn certifications. Your qualifications will develop in tandem with your degree. If persistent, you will find yourself at the cutting edge of the next generation!

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