Wacky Asian Snackies!

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Kylan Cheung
A screenshot of the three snacks described in the blog: Garlic Shrimp Chips, Pocky Sticks, and Hello Panda snacks.

When you think of essential items for students to bring to college, what do you think of? Most of the time, items like beds, notebooks, laptops, and water bottles come to mind. But one overlooked necessity for everyone are snacks. See, snacks are amazing because they not only taste great, are inexpensive, and can be the occasional meal substitute (don't quote me!), but they're also shareable with friends! Yet, I was pretty surprised when the snacks I brought from home – the same ones I loved growing up – were unfamiliar to my friends. They were seen as strange and exotic, and my friends were hesitant to give them a try.

Here are three of my favorite snacks. Hopefully after reading this, you will be encouraged to try them out and make these Asian staples a staple on your desk!

Hello Panda

The first snack, “Hello Panda”, is one introduced to many kids! This tasty, bite-sized snack comes in multiple flavors: strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and caramel. As you open the small-sized package, you’ll see that each cracker has one of the 32 sport Panda Prints – making it the perfect snack to pack in the lunchbox or have as a late-night snack!


The second, “Pocky”, is an interesting snack to say the least. Though they do have classic flavors, such as chocolate, strawberry, hazelnut (my favorite!), they also experiment with other unconventional flavors, such as fish roe, picnic, and others. Perhaps the most compelling reason why you should try Pocky – aside from how tasty it is – is the slogan: “Pocky; Share Happiness!”

Garlic Shrimp Chips

But if you had to only try one snack, Calbee’s “Garlic Shrimp Chips” is the one. Though the sound of “shrimp chips” may put off some individuals, the strong flavor of garlic enhances the addictiveness of these chips. Believe me when I tell you – once you open this bag and eat one, you’ll never be able to put it down!

These snacks are special to my childhood and let me bring a little bit of ‘home’ with me at school. I am glad I can share them with my friends, even though they may make faces at first and hesitate to try them. Once they do – we can enjoy them together!

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