Why I Love Pearson+

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Emilie Conners
A laptop computer displaying the landing page for Pearson+.

When thinking of college, a lot of great things come to mind: growth, new experiences, lots of fun… and money. The cost of attending college continues to rise making it increasingly challenging for students to attend without feeling financially burdened. With this being said, it is vital that the materials and other resources that students need access to stay at an affordable cost.

One resource that I love is Pearson+, a digital platform that encompasses eTextbooks and study tools to help you learn, while allowing you the freedom to actually afford your materials, rather than spending ALL of your money on them. There’s nothing worse than that one day during the first week of the semester when you and your roommates go to the bookstore to purchase your textbooks and leave with a MUCH heavier backpack and a MUCH lighter wallet. Pearson+ is entirely digital and with the app it goes where you go.

Lower Cost

Pearson+ is super cost effective because it is only $10.99 per month to access an eTextbook. This means over the course of one semester that is typically around 4 months long, you’re only paying just over $40 for your whole text PLUS all of the other features that I’ll get into later on. I typically spend around $70 on a textbook for my courses so this Pearson+ price is incredible. I also love that you can pay monthly or upfront at the beginning of the semester. I’ve yet to find another textbook that beats this price..


One of my favorite aspects of Pearson+ is how personalized it is to you. Each student has a different learning style and sometimes multiple, which is why it is so critical that the tools we use to learn are able to accommodate all of these different styles. One of my favorite features on the platform is the flashcards. You can create flashcards while reading the text as well as highlight different parts of the reading. This is so useful for someone like me who loves to be able to write on and highlight text while I’m reading but doesn’t want to purchase the physical text to do this or go through stacks of flashcards.


There is also an audiobook feature which allows you to listen to your textbook! This is super useful because I don’t have as much time to read as I’d like and so I can listen to my textbook when I’m walking on campus. This feature is especially nice for students who have a longer commute and can listen while on their drive to campus! The speed is also adjustable, and the voices can be changed as well.

I’ve noticed myself and many of my friends and peers becoming more and more busy throughout college. Studying during your break at work, while working out, or grocery shopping is becoming increasingly common – therefore having the resources to be able to do so effectively is vital. Pearson+ adjusts to the lifestyles of students – it ultimately goes where you go, while saving you money at the same time.

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