Preparing For Junior Year

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Emilie Conners
Three young college women smiling for a selfie.

Junior year of college can feel heavy at times, whether you’ve been anxious about it beginning or you’re halfway through and realizing it was more than you bargained for. Some of your friends may be interviewing for summer internships in a big city somewhere far away, while others still have no clue what they want to do after graduation. When getting ready to take on the journey that is junior year, try to do these few things to keep the stress away and stay above water when things start to feel crazy.


Take networking opportunities seriously! The more you network at the beginning of the year and meet more professionals in your career field, the easier it is to find an internship for the summer. Trust me, you’ll be so glad that you put some of the extra time in throughout the semester to make those connections so that you aren’t scrambling and stressing to find an opportunity in April or May. Most colleges have networking events that go on each semester that are specific to your major. If you’re having trouble finding opportunities, reach out to your professors and see if they can put you in touch with people in your field of interest.


Make connections with people on campus! Don’t be afraid to talk to people in your classes and form new friendships. This goes along with what I was saying about networking but in a less professional way. Some of the friends you make in college can be some of your best career connections even if they’re not professionals in the field you’re pursuing. One day you may look back and wish you had put yourself out there more – you have nothing to lose! Along with this, don’t be afraid to join clubs or organizations on your campus. It’s never too late to do this and it can be super helpful in getting you connected on campus and meeting more people who share similar interests and career goals as you.

Take Time for Yourself

While there is a lot going on this year, make sure to also take time for yourself! Burn out is a very real thing and is something that is particularly easy to catch during junior year. Enjoy being a college student and try to remember you’ll never be in this season of your life again, so while it can be a lot of work, don’t forget that it’s also a special time. Look out for your friends and know that you’re not going on this journey alone.

Everyone on your campus is there for you so take advantage of that! Set up an appointment with your academic advisor to talk about post-graduation jobs if you’re feeling nervous or unsure about what you want to do. Know that people are there for you and that you have the resources you need to succeed!

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