Fresh Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Meal

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Saige O’Rourke
An orange rectangle with the text: ‘Thanksgiving Dishes That Bring Back the Spark’ alongside a photo of a layered dessert dish in a large glass bowl.

Many families’ Thanksgiving menus feature the same thing every year: turkey, potatoes, mac & cheese, green bean casserole, and stuffing. Right? Not in my house. Every year my Aunt Megan creates a new dish or adds a twist to make something different. With such a passion for food, she does this to keep the spark and excitement alive. These are my top 3 dishes that Megan has cooked for our family which might inspire yours for the future.


To hold off the hungry family, maple green beans in a bacon bundle were provided as an appetizer. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of green beans, but I continued to fill my plate with these bites. They acted as a perfect bite size snack that could be made any day and encouraged the entire guest list to indulge.

Main Side

As a main course side, white cheddar rosemary garlic mashed potatoes were created. Mashed potatoes are a staple Thanksgiving side item, but adding extras caught everyone’s eye. This dish was filling and tasty, yet it did not take away from the natural goodness of mashed potatoes. Instead, this dish enhanced the already perfect side and grew the tables' excitement for what was to come next.


To close out the meal, Megan produced a pound cake trifle with brown butter crème anglaise topped with berries and whipped cream. Naturally, this was my favorite dish served for the entire meal, and it is pictured above. This dish was like something I had never seen before, and it was layered inside of a large bowl to spread the flavor. This dessert was airy, light, and healthy; it supplied necessary comfort to the family preparing for their food comas.

Every year we are all excited to see what Megan plans to bring, and her thoughts are usually a surprise to all including herself. She uses her experience, the internet, and other restaurants to inspire her dishes. That said, I encourage you to try creating a new dish for your Thanksgiving dinner! Although deliciousness is preferred, it is not needed! Take the risk, experiment in the kitchen, and bring something new to your Thanksgiving table.

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