The 2020 Elections and the Battle for Congress

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Join Professor Joshua Ryan for a discussion on closely contested Senate races, where the Democrats are likely to pick up seats, and potential policy change in the 117th Congress. 

Joshua Ryan, Utah State University

Not only does 2020 feature an unprecedented presidential race, the control of both the House and the Senate are at stake. If Democrats manage to retain the House, take back the Senate, and elect Joe Biden, they would have unified control of government for the first time since 2009. What are the Democratic Party’s prospects? This webinar will examine a few of the most exciting and closely contested Senate races around the country. We will discuss where the Democrats are likely to pick up seats, and where Democratic incumbents might be in trouble. Finally, we will examine the prospects for dramatic policy change in the 117th Congress, and how Senate rules might stymie the Democrats, even if the party manages to take over the Senate and capture the presidency.