Show Me What You've Got! Collect and Review Student Work in MyLab Math & MyLab Statistics

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Join Dr. Bonnie Rosenblatt as she discusses the different grading features in MyLab® Math and MyLab Statistics. 

Dr. Bonnie L. Rosenblatt, Reading Area Community College and Pearson

Automatic grading is such a time saver. But, we also want to see our students' work. In MyLab® Math students can use “Show Work” to type in their work, write in their work with a touch screen, or upload images.

Miss using paper-pencil assignments? Now students can upload pdfs of their work and you can grade it using the new Freehand Grader. Create your rubric as you go, and review each question across students. You can change your scoring and Freehand Grader will automatically go back and update the scores you’ve already graded.

In MyLab Statistics, students can use StatCrunch to generate reports containing their data sets and results and then share a link with you. They can also upload a pdf of the report to your LMS.