May the Friction Force Be With You: Using Comic Books to Teach Physics Problem-Solving

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Dr. Roger Freedman shares how the comic book format can be used to teach physics problem-solving. Discover how you can use this unique teaching style to engage students and improve comprehension.

Dr. Roger A Freedman, Physics Lecturer, University of California, Santa Barbara

Join Dr. Roger Freedman, Pearson author and original San Diego Comic Con organizer, to explore teaching physics with the comic book format. Research has shown that the comic book story structure can be more successful in comprehension and understanding for students then the regular textbook explanation of topics, and with so many students turning to Google to find sources that help them to understand a tricky concept, this format could be a key strategy for student engagement. Dr. Freedman is currently working on a supplement for university physics that incorporates the comic book story structure and will share his ideas on how to use this format to engage students and help with their understanding of physics.