Course List A - Z

Business Partner: British English | 8 Levels | A1 - C1

Business Partner gives students the practical training they need to bridge the gap between the classroom and the world of work. It helps learners to make measurable progress in learning English while helping to make them more employable.

business partner

English for International Tourism: British English | 3 Levels | A2 - B2

This course builds the professional skills needed for the tourism industry while developing language. Authentic material from Dorling Kindersley’s acclaimed Eyewitness Travel Guides explore some of the world’s top tourist destinations.

English for Tourism

Intelligent Business: British English | 5 Levels | A1 - C2

Authentic material from The Economist helps students to increase their knowledge of key business concepts while learning English. The course can be used to prepare for exams such as BEC and BULATS.

Intelligent Business

Lifestyle: British English | 4 Levels | A1 - C1

Lifestyle helps learners interact effectively outside of the work environment, enabling them to ‘get things done’ in a variety of situations.


Market Leader: British English | 5 Levels | A1 - C2

Market Leader is a five-level English course developed together with the Financial Times. 'Premier Lessons' offer a constantly-updated bank of lessons based on the latest Financial Times articles.

Market Leader

Project Success: American English | 6 Levels | A1 - C1

This engaging video based program focuses on workplace skills and 21st century challenges to foster creative and critical thinking skills, promote independent learning, and improve students’ ability to communicate in social, educational and professional situations.

Project Success

Technical English: British English | 4 Levels | A1 - C1

This four level course uses informative illustrations to present and explain technical concepts. It is ideal for vocational education and for teaching company employees.

Technical English

Vocational English: American & British English | 2 Levels | A1 - B1

Designed for students in vocational education as well as company employees, these titles cover the essential vocabulary that learners need in the workplace. Each title contains a CD-ROM with interactive glossaries in both British and American English and the complete course book audio in MP3 format.

Vocational English