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Pearson English secondary courses bring top quality content with authentic BBC material, thorough exam preparation and unique multimedia components.

We want to inspire and motivate 21st century teenagers for success now and in the future. 


Teaching communication

Join teacher trainer Amanda Davies as she presents ideas for teaching communication with videos.

After watching this training video, you will know:

  • how to use videos to teach communication
  • when and how to replace video with audio in communication lessons
  • practical ideas to encourage your students to create their own dialogues

The series is based on GoGetter course videos. 

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Before our courses reach you, they've been tried and tested in classrooms around the world. Our new secondary series addresses real needs, with great multimedia components.

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Aligned to the GSE

Pearson secondary courses are aligned to the Global Scale of English (GSE) to support measuring English language proficiency, assess progress and set up clear learning goals.

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