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We take the stress out of testing the language skills of your employees or students with our Versant tests.

Using advanced artificial intelligence and auto-marking technology, our tests accurately and reliably evaluate test-takers' ability to understand spoken and written language, and to communicate clearly and appropriately in that language.

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Quickly and easily evaluate your employees or students

All of our tests are available for online or offline testing. They also provide a random test form to prevent cheating. 

versant english test

English speaking test

The Versant English Test helps HR professionals evaluate applicants' spoken English skills for their recruiting, training & development, and promotion programs.

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Versant Writing Test

English writing test

Our 35-minute Versant Writing Test is used by top corporations and call centers to evaluate the written English skills of job candidates and employees.

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versant professional english test

Professional English test

Corporations trust the Versant Professional English Test to evaluate the full communication skills of their employees before, during or at the end of a professional English training program.

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Versant English Placement Test

Student placement test

Academic institutions around the world use the Versant English Placement Test to measure their students' speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills for placement into their ESL or Intensive English programs.

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versant 4 skills essential test

Professional English screening test

Corporations, call centers and BPO providers count on the Versant 4 Skills Essential Test to screen the English skills of applicants, new hires or existing employees across listening, speaking, reading and writing.

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Other Spoken Language Tests

Other spoken language tests

Versant tests are also available to measure spoken skills in the following languages: Arabic, Dutch, French, and Spanish.

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Why choose Versant?

Comprehensive scores for all dimensions of speech

Your employees or students are measured on the practical skills necessary to communicate with native speakers. Score reports include detailed information of the test-taker's overall ability, plus skills such as fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary, and sentence mastery.

Reliable, unbiased testing when you need it the most

Evaluate all of your test-takers on an equal basis with objective, unbiased scoring. Our highly reliable machine-learning technology delivers more consistent testing without the variability typical of multiple evaluators and locations.

Streamlined administration and automated scoring save time

With a computer or mobile app, you can easily administer Versant tests to your employees or students. The Versant testing system automatically scores the test, making a detailed score report available for you in our reporting system within minutes of being submitted.

Since Versant's integration with our internal English training program, test scores are now used to set standards for all of our overseas representatives. Versant allows us to recognize our employees' practical speaking ability - something that can't be done with a paper-based test.

- Deputy Manager, Personnel and Labor Relations Department at Nikkei

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